Providing treatments at The Apothecary Shop

The Apothecary Shop provides a calm oasis in a small bustling market town. Ledbury is one of the few traditional high streets left in the country and both townspeople and visitors alike look for good service and the personal touch in the shops they visit.

The Apothecary Shop offers a wide range of natural & organic products to promote health & well-being. Customers to our shop are often looking for alternative solutions to health and wellbeing issues and sometimes the answers cannot be found in a jar or bottle. Having a range of therapist we can offer allows us to provide a better service to our customers.

We have a fully equipped treatment room at the back of the shop, complete with access to kitchenette and WC. The room is well lit with central heating, thermal blackout curtains and an additional heater; there is a desk and chairs; a treatment couch; reclining chair and stools and a range of adjustable lighting along with facilities to play music. Disposables such as couch roll, natural cleaners and room spray are all provided.

The shop itself has pleasant environment with a seating area where clients can complete paperwork prior to a visit, browse some of the complementary publications available or catch up on a little shopping. The helpful members of staff in the shop are able to take bookings, pass on messages or keep your clients informed if you are running late.

Regular sessions

Current room rates at The Apothecary Shop are £20 for a morning session (9.15am-12.45pm) and £25 for an afternoon session (12.45pm-5.15pm). Once a therapist has reserved a regular slot, they may book sessions within it as they please, directly with their clients.

Casual sessions

Additional hours for regular therapists are charged at £6.00 an hour, to the nearest half hour. Those with a regular booking with us can also opt for a per session rate for a temporary period, in months when they are expecting to be less busy e.g. holiday months and Christmas. This should be agreed in advance. We have also introduced a casual rate of £12 an hour for therapists starting out in the area, should they not be able to commit to a full morning or afternoon. All casual sessions must be booked through the shop to avoid conflicting appointments.

Invoicing is completed at the end of each month. Payment is required within 30 days.

Therapists will need to be approved before they can rent the treatment room. We will need to see certificates and qualifications for any therapies offered in the treatment room and we would ask that you offer one free session to a member of staff as part of the approval process. We will not enter into an agreement with any therapists that may compete with existing therapists at The Apothecary Shop.

We have a literature rack by the door, primarily for use by therapists. Therapists who work with us are encouraged to place literature there. We also have an A board which can be placed outside the shop on days you are working, should you be able to provide a poster which could be attached. This would enable potential clients to come and speak to you in between sessions and book appointments with you. We encourage therapists to offer taster days or promotional events to raise their profile and generate new business and will support them in promoting any such events.